Poverello House – Pallet Houses

Poverello house is a charitable service organization in Fresno CA with a long history of believing in the dignity of every person and doing work to enrich the lives and spirits of all who pass their way. They provide free meals three times a day, 365 days a year, and have expanded their operations to clothing, shelter and resourcing to help people recover from homelessness.

The Poverello House - Village of Hope

For a number of years, they have operated a temporary housing facility called the Village of Hope where they utilized storage sheds to give people respite from the streets while they receive help to get into permanent housing. Recently, in response to an increased need for temporary shelter (and the serious drawbacks of using storage sheds for human habitation) they raised funds from corporate and private donations to open the new Village of Hope which is comprised of innovative new housing structures called Pallet Houses (because 30 or more can be shipped on Pallets in a single shipping container). The Pallet Houses are made of entirely composite material and have no wood in their construction at all. The walls are insulated, the structures are pre rigged for power, they have lockable doors and come equipped with heaters and air conditioning.

Producer Joel Janecek and Director of Photography Justin McAleece shot and edited the project together giving it special attention in support of the service Poverello House performs for the community. They used a number of cameras and techniques including a Panasonic GH5 on a Ronin for tracking shots, Mavic Pro Drone for Aerials and Aerial Timelapses, a Go Pro Hero 8 for timelapses on the ground, and RED Cam for cinematic moments. They also worked with community broadcaster CMAC to share opening ceremony footage.