Crawdaddy’s – Visalia

Visalia Video Production for Crawdaddy’s

Our second round of production for Crawdaddy’s involved writing, storyboarding, shooting and editing four :15 second TV spots to showcase specific facets of the Crawdaddy’s experience. One spot features the Visalia landmark’s Sunday brunch: Additional spots push early-bird dinners, family-friendly dining and, last but not least, Crawdaddy’s house band, The Crawdads. The spots were modular and could be broadcast as either four :15s or combined into two :30s or a single :60 second spot. Bon Appétit

Who’s Your Daddy?

Crawdaddys Visalia offers a New Orleans’ distinctive flair right in the heart of Visalia, with great cuisine that makes for an unforgettable experience. The facility is perfect for music, parties, libations, food and sporting events, all in one electric, lively place.

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