Art Hop Karaoke at BLARE Media

Art Hop Karaoke - Fresno Video Production

By Blake Barnett

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Art Hop Karaoke

We at BLARE Media pride ourselves on our video production professionalism. Therefore, we’re offering free, extra-amazingly produced music videos for you to share with your friends and family.


Okay, it’s really just a recording of you and your friends singing poorly (Possibly amazingly) to well known songs. Did we mention it’s free?

What we didn’t mention is that you’ll be singing in front of artwork provided by local artists. This month’s art is presented by James Gearlds II, and our good friend Melissa Geston will be our vocally talented host.

Come to BLARE this Thursday to join in on the fun, even if you’re not a Karaoke Super Star!

Location: 1416 Broadway Street, #D – Fresno, CA (Broadway Studios)

Time: 6pm – 8pm

Dresscode: None

Singing Skill Requirements: Low

Fun Level: High