New Audio Repair Capabilities help us Fix Nearly any Problem

Audio Repair Capabilities

By Justin McAleece

| Video Tips


Audio Repair Capabilities

Audio problems? You won’t find any here. iZotope RX3 Advanced is by far, the most impressive audio software we’ve ever used. Just name a common sound issue and this software can fix it. Whether it’s legal forensics, an important cell phone recording or an archival piece that needs some major work, we can now fix it all.

Here is a mind shattering list of this software’s witchcraft sorcery.

– Dialog Denoiser removes unwanted noice from vocal records in real time.

– Dereverb can take a cathedral recording and turn it into a small room.

– Insight is metering and analysis for broadcast loudness standards.

– Deconstruct separates tonal and noisy audio to be adjusted separately.

– Spectral Repair let’s you visually select good or bad audio to separate or remove. Algorithms fill take harmonics, ambient noise, and pitch changes into account, removing selections without leaving gaps in sound range.

– Denoise removes unwanted background noise while analyzing changing noise profiles and fixing imperfections automatically.

– Declip rebuilds distortion caused by overload in analog or digital sound.

– Declick & Decrackle removes clicks, crackles and pops.

– Remove Hum removes…. you guessed it, removes hums. And unicorn farts.

To sum it up, we’re not sure how this magic is done, but we’re assuming enchanted leprechauns are granting software wishes somewhere between our motherboard and VRAM. OR the guys at iZotope are just super smart nerds that put Apple Genius’s to shame. Either way, we’re not complaining, we’re just glad we can fix any audio issue you could ever fathom.