Crash the Super Bowl Contest: Commercial Production

Super Bowl Commercial - Chicken Wrestler

By Blake Barnett

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The Doritos Super Bowl commercials are known for being both high-impact and extremely humorous. Past winners include “Goat 4 Sale,” featuring a Doritos-obsessed goat, and “Fashionista Daddy,” in which a football-fan dad agrees to play princess dress-up with his daughter in exchange for Doritos…and his macho friends and wife walk in on him.

The BLARE Media spot is in a similar vein, mixing high-impact imagery with humor. The ad follows the action when a Doritos-eating person in a chicken suit is confronted by a passerby, who challenges the bird to a wrestling match in order to claim the bag of chips. This spectacle all takes place in a public park, and both the chicken-person and the bizarro wrestler (played by BLARE principal Justin McAleece) end up being foiled by the unlikeliest of characters.To view and vote for our spot please click here. (Please be patient as it takes a little time for the page to load unfortunately).

“This seemed like a good way for us to let off some steam and let our creative juices flow in a fun way and without a lot of pressure. If we win, great, but if not, just the sight of seeing Justin in full wrestler gear getting a smack down by a giant chicken is rewarding enough,” says BLARE Media Project Manager Blake Barnett. “Seriously though, it is a good example of the kind of work we are able to put out with very little prep time and everything done mostly ‘on-the-fly.’ We can turn projects around very quickly and with even greater quality for our paying clients“

Prize winners will be selected by visitors to the Doritos website and/or representatives of Doritos, who will decide which of the finalists will win a $1 million first prize, a $50,000 second prize, or a runner up prize of $25,000. In addition, the top two finalists will receive a trip to the big game, and also be invited to join the crew on the set of the upcoming Avengers movie, Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron to further prove their mettle as filmmakers.