Diabesity Video Solutions Series

Diabesity Video Solutions Series

By Blake Barnett

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We at BLARE Media have been working tirelessly, over the last 6-months, with Jonathan Bailor and the rest of the SANE team in developing a video series to help end the epidemic that is DIABESITY. People are aware that diabetes and obesity are two dangerous and ever more prevalent medical conditions that are changing the world, but most don’t realize just how many people’s lives are affected by the combination.

Our production crew traveled to various locations throughout the country including the Harvard University campus, Seattle, San Francisco, and Fresno to capture real-life testimonials that on many occasions brought tears to our eyes. In addition we interviewed top doctors in various fields of nutrition, exercise, and medicine for their expert knowledge and shocking research on the subject.

During the process we became advocates for the cause and encourage you to watch the Diabesity Video Solutions Series which is airing for FREE from Oct. 11th-18th. We are incredibly grateful to be able to bring something to life that can truly save lives. You don’t want to miss this.

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