Bay Area – Testimonial Video Shoot

San Francisco, CA

SF Bay Area Testimonial Video

Video Production Testimonial

Shooting video testimonials with a key partner for international tech solution firm Ingeno at a hotel in the Berkeley Marina. We shot FS5 at 4K in Slog 3 with Sigma Cinema Prime Lenses (35mm / 85mm f1.5). Our B-cam was on a Edelkrone tripod mounted slider with a profile view. This is a aesthetic and strategic approach to both provide a alternative view featuring movement to the traditional interview, and  for more flexibility to shape interview content.We balanced lighting against our bright marina daytime background using our K5600 Joker Bug 800 HMI light as our key source of light, bouncing it for fill, and using a Quasar Science Rainbow 2″ LED tube as our backlight.

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