Joker 800 HMI Rental

by | December 10, 2012 | Equipment, Video Production

We are the proud new owners of… A light… But not just any light. A Joker 800 HMI! It’s small, light, travel ready, puts out more than a 1200W Arri HMI with a soft box on and super versatile. We’ve been looking to buy one for a few years but finally took the plunge. It’s an excellent tool for mimicking daylight coming through a window, filling large areas with a high quality light that can easily match overhead fluorescents or with our Chimera softbox can be a great interview light for any situation. It puts off less heat than a 1000W tungsten head and we can fly anywhere with it. We rent it out for $250 a day with the Chimera, 2 diffusions, speed ring, internal baffle and 40 degree grid. We can also optionally power it with a portable battery setup and inverter. It can do everything. Check it out!

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