Los Angeles Grip Van Rentals: Best Grip Truck Rentals to Rent from for your Next Project

Finding a great grip van rental is essential for the success of any shot in the world of film production. A reliable and well-maintained vehicle is necessary to ensure that the equipment arrives safely and on time when using a grip van to transfer film equipment and gear from one site to another. A decent grip van will also have secure tie-downs and appropriate storage to safeguard pricey and sensitive equipment during transfer, thereby saving time and money. Also, you can move all of your equipment on one trip if you have the correct grip van, which will save you time and money compared to making many journeys.

With amenities like air conditioning, heating, and power outlets, a well-equipped grip van may also offer a relaxing work environment for your crew while they are on location, keeping them motivated and productive throughout lengthy productions. Ultimately, the perfect grip van rental will always be an essential part of any successful movie production since it offers dependable, secure, and effective equipment transportation and storage.

Here are the top grip van rentals in the Greater Los Angeles Area:

Best Grip Truck Rentals for Independent Filmmakers and College Students

CFG Rentals

Starting in a garage with a desire to help filmmakers and college students rent lighting, grip, and cameras for friendly rates, CFG has had tons of success starting from the ground up. Their services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a professional perspective at all times. Their grip van rental packages range from 1-ton to 5-ton trucks and are reasonably priced.

Best Package Offers

Light it Up Grip and Lighting Rentals

Light it Up Grip and Lighting Rentals provides grip van rental trucks from 1-ton to 5-tons and also offer lighting, electrical, generator, and grip equipment. Their experienced staff works hard to maintain all of their equipment to make sure it meets both client and industry standards. Light it Up has worked for a range of projects such as photo shoots, commercials, music videos, TV production, documentaries, and theatrical productions.

Best for Larger Sets: 10-Ton Grip Truck


Cinelease has an expansive inventory that provides lighting and grip support to every type of production, year round. From TV pilots to major blockbusters, they’ve been trusted by productions such as Grey’s Anatomy, WestWorld, Creed II, Better Call Saul and more. Their grip truck packages are available in 1, 3, 5 and 10-ton trucks. Whether it’s a small indie short or a large-scale blockbuster, Cinelease has everything you need.

Quixote Grip & Lighting

Founded in 1992 by two UCLA English majors Mikel Elliott and Jordan Kitaen, Quixote Grip and Lighting has grown and expanded over decades. Inspired by the 17th century novel Don Quixote, the co-founders believed Don Quixote’s optimism was the perfect metaphor for their ever growing business. Quixote provides stage basic, 3, 5, and 10-ton packages all on location.

Geronimo Creek

Geronimo Creek is a gaffer-owned grip and lighting supply company that has been serving Los Angeles since 2002. With a staff that works both on set and in the warehouse, they have the knowledge to provide you with the best grip rental vans with well-maintained and up-to-date equipment. Geronimo Creek offers: 

Studio Lighting Equipment

Studio Grip Equipment

1 Ton Grip Cargo Van Package

2 Ton Grip Sprinter Van Package

3 Ton Grip Truck Package

4 Ton Grip Truck Package

5 Ton Grip Truck Package

Best Grip Truck Rental for Commercials

Alliance Grip & Lighting

Alliance Grip & Lighting is a grip, grip truck, and lighting rental company that has developed a specific approach to how trucks are built and outfitted in the film industry. Mostly targeting the commercial market, they focus on building trucks that are quick and easy to work from developed by staff that have worked in the industry and communicate well to provide a better and more efficient experience for crew members. Serving Hollywood producers, directors, key grips and gaffers, Alliance Grip & Lighting services range from vans to 5-ton trucks.