We Love Video but Still Believe in Reading!

We Love Video - Reading Heart with Danay Ferguson

By Blake Barnett

| Events, Video Production


We Love Video

To show our appreciation for children’s reading programs we produced a quick video to promote Danay and Reading Heart.

Reading Heart is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) book donation program dedicated to serving children in hospitals and children in areas with limited access to books. Danay started Reading Heart at the age of eight because she wanted to share her passion for reading and the joy of escaping in a good book with other children. An avid book reader and advocate for education, Danay wants to spread the joy of reading and improve literacy not only in our community but also across the country.

Recently Reading Heart has partnered with Parker and the Fresno Grizzlies’ Wild About Reading program, touring over 130 schools encouraging kids to read 10 books. After reading those 10 books, each child will receive 2 free tickets to a baseball game. Reading Heart may even have a special gift for the kids when they get to the game (1 FREE book).

Help Reading Heart do its part during the tour! We are trying to make sure each school receives boxes full of books to jump start the Wild About Reading program. Please select a school you would like to support and you can have the boxes of books delivered in your name. This is going to be a great tour. Have fun reading kids!