Dynamic Event’s Microsoft Experience at Nvidia GTC 2024

When the team at Dynamic Events reached out to make an event video about the experience of attending the high-profile Nvidia GTC conference in San Jose where the AI powerhouse was sure to make history, we were excited to offer our services and make something special.

Sr. Producer Joel Janecek lead the charge with Director of Photography Mauricio Tapia. Frequent collaborator TJ “Ninja Skills” Reid operated 2nd camera and new production assistant Asha Bagal Kelly kept it all running smoothly

The video featured the ambience of the event, but was really all about the Microsoft Presence and booth features at the event. To make varied and dynamic visuals, we supplemented our Sony ENG package with a GoPro Max 360, and two GoPro 11’s often on a motorized gimbal head to reflect the kinetic energy of the conference and showcase everything the team at Dynamic Events did for their favorite client, Microsoft.

Our post-production team (Chris Lofing and Travis Cluff) brought all the footage into a great flow and in the end it’s an event video that showcases how we can bring the special sauce to a dish and make it extra tasty!

Video Style



San Jose