51Fifty Hawaii Expansion

Hawaii Video Production

51Fifty means expanded horizons, it reaches for beautiful vistas, it stands for pushing your limits. In the spirit of all that we were able to take this commercial video production to Hawaii to show off everything that 51Fifty represents. Not only was this a fun shoot, with some great talent, but we were able to capture what we believe to be some truly breathtaking imagery. Production value starts with the location and the art direction. Both of those aspects were top notch on this spot. We used the DJI Ronin with our Red Epic Dragon camera to float around some gorgeous locales. It was a lot to pack into one day, but we came home with a 60 second and 30 second spot that we’re really proud of.

Our camera crew was made up of Justin McAleece, Cortiny Kleidon, and a local Hawaiian grip that was super helpful. We’re happy to see 51Fifty expanding to a broad new market all the way out in Hawaii. The new flavor is delicious (we would know, we ended up with a case or two). Post production was handled in Adobe Premiere CC 2017 and Davinci Resolve. There was a significant amount of color work done to make it really “pop” but of course if you don’t get it in camera, you’re never going to get it in post. We ended the commercial with a green screen shot of the can as gaffed by Mauricio Tapia and shot back here at the studio. Every little piece of the puzzle counts and that’s why we had a spray bottle on hand to give it those little spritzes and a custom lazy susan rig to give it just the right spin move.

A big thank you to Carlos and Sarahfina with 51Fifty for trusting us with this project.

Thanks for watching!

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