I am 51Fifty

I am 51Fifty TV Commercial Campaign

Mendez Marketing had an idea for 51FIFTY, our energy drink client based in Livingston, CA: The idea: String together a series of diverse and engaging individuals expressing their own “51Fiftyness” in a :30 second lifestyle TV spot titled, “I am 51Fifty!” Blare Media ran with it, casting actors from as far away as the Bay Area, and as nearby as our own backyard. Meanwhile the creative team, which included the 51Fifty brand manager, Mendez Marketing’s account executive, and Blare Media’s Creative and Production departments, developed the script and storyboard for the one-day video production. Blare Media’s camera and audio team captured a wide range of unique scenes as diverse as our cast, using just one versatile location, Fresno City College in Fresno, California. Take a look and see if you also might be just a bit 51Fifty yourself.

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