Laddi Edans ‘Pyaar” (Love)

Sacramento Music Video Production

Dance party, anyone? The BLARE team is all about good music and great moves! We shot this music video for Pop Artist Laddi Edans. Getting to shoot around Laddi’s stomping grounds in Sac was a pretty fun experience for the team, and we were happy to know that he was enjoying himself just as much! How could we not, among the high spirits, dancing and Sacred Fire Dancing! Talent was pooled from a few neat sources to produce this video. Sac Dance Lab brought dancers and neat choreography to the table, and Obsidian Butterfly performed some awe-inspiring Fire Dancing for the lens. We shot several places inside and around Sac Dance Lab, and get a taste of luxury from the first shot, which we further milked with beautiful area shots and 6K footage shot by the RED Epic camera.

Everyone felt right at home during the shoot! Mauricio Tapia, BLARE Media in-house editor and color grader, was the Director of Photography, while Ian McAleece, another integral member of the BLARE team, directed. Matthew Jeff was the assistant camera, and Ryan Gibson was our grip–and we’re happy to say they are both very familiar faces for BLARE Media.

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Thanks for watching!

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