San Joaquin Regional Transit District

Stockton Video Production

When the San Joaquin Regional Transit District needed to make a commercial to highlight new busses and services, they had four simple goals in mind: make it look like a car show awards ceremony, include all their friendly staffers, highlight their mascot, and show off the busses working in notable locations throughout Stockton. Easy right? Well, at Blare we love a challenge and after boiling down the concept into shooting scripts for a :60 with :30 cutdown, we went to work! Location scouting and pre-production planning were key and by the time production rolled around we pulled off multiple locations with ease. It was a true “all hands on deck” production with Joel Forrest writing-producing-directing, Justin McAleece DP’ing, Ian McAleece Gaffing, and Vince Cosentino gripping and doing sound. Post was handled offline by Joel and Vince, and online/motion graphics by Jason Wada.

Oh the places you can go on RTD!

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