Top 5 San Francisco Teen Film Camps [Youth Filmmaking Programs for Teens]

If you’re a teen in San Francisco, summertime might mean that extracurricular activities are no longer an option. That doesn’t mean you can’t continue studying or honing your creative skills! From animation to film production, San Francisco has some amazing options for teens and young adults looking to take part in fun and educational film camp experiences this summer. Here at BLARE Media video production company, we encourage young filmmakers to dive more into this interest. In this blog post, we’ll cover the top 5 film camps in San Francisco that provide hands-on projects and help teens grow as filmmakers before they’re old enough for film school. Whether you’re new to filmmaking or have been producing works of art since childhood, these programs provide something special for every burgeoning artist and professional at early ages. Let’s dive right into the list!

1. Art & Film Summer Intensive

Are you a teen filmmaker looking to hone your craft? Look no further than Art & Film’s Summer Intensive program! This 9 day camp is tailored for students with basic camera skills who are eager to develop their directorial abilities and understanding of film as a unique art form. With a curriculum that spans the entire production process, from planning to post-production, you’ll learn the ins and outs of bringing your vision to life on the big screen. Not to mention, the group viewing of classic films will offer valuable insight into the art of filmmaking. The summer program is one of the best youth film programs for teenagers to start their media production education.

2. Bay Area Video Coalition

Are you a teen or young adult interested in pursuing a career in the film industry? Look no further than the Bay Area Video Coalition’s youth programs! BAVC’s Fellowships offer young people between the ages of 10-24 a unique opportunity to learn valuable filmmaking skills and network with industry professionals. Though admission is limited, these programs provide exceptional training and experience in the film industry, ensuring that you leave with the vital skills needed to pursue your career goals. And if you’re a girl or gender-expansive youth, don’t miss out on Camp Reel Stories – a series of camps designed specifically for you! 

3. Art & Film Film Workshop

The world of film is an exciting place to be, and with Art & Film’s Film Workshop, pursuing that passion has never been easier. Taking place every Sunday from October through May, the workshop introduces students to the fundamentals of professional filmmaking. But, it’s not just for beginners – returning students can refine and deepen their skills too. The best part? All students leave the program with a portfolio of work that can help them take that next step in their journey towards a filmmaking career, whether that be applying to film schools, a film festival, or pursuing independent projects. 


Are you a teen with a passion for storytelling and a love for film? SFFILM’s Youth Filmmakers Camp might just be the perfect summer program for you! This intensive program offers two different experience levels tailored to meet the needs of all students. The Starter Lab is great for beginners who want to learn the fundamentals of filmmaking and improve their storytelling skills, while the Advanced Lab is ideal for those with some prior experience who are looking to take their skills to the next level. And with world-class film professionals leading the way, you can be sure that you’ll get the guidance and support you need to excel. 

5. San Francisco Film School

Are you a budding filmmaker looking to develop your skills? Look no further than San Francisco Film School’s workshops. With options for both 5-week and 3-month intensives, students aged 16+ can dive into the world of filmmaking and learn from experienced professionals. What’s more, the workshop session can be completed both in-person (on campus) or online, making it accessible to anyone looking to learn more about film. Leave with not only a newfound set of skills, but also a portfolio that showcases your talent.

As a teen filmmaker in San Francisco, camps and workshops are some of the best options to grow your skills and learn the art of filmmaking. Of course, specialized skills may not be covered – such as motion graphics, aerial video, or working with animals on set. Theses skills may be better learned through independent study, specialized workshops, or film school (once you’re old enough). If these options aren’t available to you, look for opportunities to shadow a professional on set or work as a production assistant. Real world experience + film education workshops is the best combination to grow your skills as a teen.