How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy that Works

Video Marketing Sprint Strategy

By Briaunna Caver

| Marketing, Video Tips


Get the most out of your video marketing with our handcrafted approach

BLARE Media offers a comprehensive, cutting-edge approach to video marketing that goes beyond simply filming and editing a promotional video. Most production companies will hand over the video once it’s produced and leave the marketing side of things solely in your hands. In our approach we will work with you every step of the way and provide our clients with the tools they need to create a dynamic, search-engine-optimized landing page that will rank high in Google results within their respective industry, ensuring their videos reach the maximum number of potential customers.

Video Marketing Sprints

Our video marketing sprint strategy is built to deliver effective, efficient campaign goals that are tailored to target a particular product or service every time. Every step of our process is developed to quickly determine the ideal approach for engaging and responding to your target audience. We assess the current market trends, understand customer concerns and formulate creative narrative solutions for each particular product or service campaign at hand. By utilizing this method we are able to produce dynamic, successful campaigns for our clients that increase engagement from the intended target demographic.

Step 1: Shoot Your Video

BLARE Media has over 18 years of experience in the field of video production. We will work with you to create a powerful video that shares your product/service and drives meaningful results. At BLARE Media, we prioritize our clients’ needs and satisfaction. That’s why we tailor every video production to meet the specific marketing goals of our clients. 

We will also edit your video, including enhancing its visual and audio quality to ensure that it captures the attention of your intended audience. Our post-production services guarantee that you’ll have a professional-looking video for your marketing campaign.

Customer Conversions

Videos have enormous potential for engaging consumers and catalyzing conversions. By providing high-quality visuals, spurring visitor dwell time, cultivating credibility & trustworthiness of businesses/products online, videos can be a powerful force to drive leads at cost savings compared to other marketing methods.

Step 2: Market With Your Video

Making it to the top of the search results on Google is a must for any business. At Blare Media, we understand how crucial video marketing campaigns are when it comes to boosting visibility and drawing in more potential customers. Our video marketing sprint strategies solidify your company’s foothold in internet marketing and gives your videos an extra boost into the highest ranks of the search engine results pages (SERPs). With our video production expertise and video marketing tactics, we guarantee that your video message will artfully reach the right people and increase your presence online! So start your video marketing campaign with us today, and let us give you that edge against the competition!

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