Successful Video Production for Commercials and Advertising Services

By Scott Davis

| Commercial, Video Production


Video production has become an essential tool for businesses in advertising their products or services. A well-produced video commercial has the ability to grab an audience’s attention, increase brand awareness, and ultimately convert viewers into customers. However, producing an effective video commercial requires creativity, planning, and attention to detail. Today we will discuss essential tips for successful video production for a commercial.

What is a commercial?

If you want to promote your business or product, video ads are a great way to go. It’s a short video advertisement that is designed to showcase your product, service, or brand in an engaging way. Commercials have always been a huge part of advertising since the beginning of media, but it’s even more important now with so many avenues to show your product to consumers. This is why it’s essential to find a commercial video production company that can help bring your vision to life. A professional video commercial can help you connect with your target audience, increase brand awareness, and ultimately drive sales. 

What good will a video commercial do for advertising?

Making a commercial for your business can be an incredibly effective way to reach a wider audience and, ultimately, grow your brand to the next level. By showcasing your products or services on television or online, you can grab the attention of potential customers and demonstrate why your business is unique and worth exploring further. Even better, commercials allow you to get creative and show off your brand’s personality, whether that means featuring a catchy jingle or incorporating humor to make a lasting impression. With the right commercial strategy, making a TV or online commercial can be both a smart investment and a fun opportunity to showcase your business to the world.

What should a commercial video include?

You might be wondering where to even start to create a commercial. When the possibilities are endless, sometimes it’s hard to narrow down exactly what you want to do. So what are the basic needs of a commercial?

Define your target audience and goals for your commercial video

The first step is to define your goal and target audience. What do you want your audience to do or feel after watching your video? Who is your target audience? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you create a video that resonates with your target audience and achieves your intended goal. For example, a video commercial targeting millennials will have a different tone, style, and content than a commercial targeting baby boomers.

Your commercial video should include a CTA

Next, a call to action, or CTA, is a crucial element that cannot be overlooked. Put simply, a call to action is an invitation for your audience to take a specific action after seeing your ads. Whether it’s making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or visiting a website, the call to action serves as an actionable step for viewers to follow through with. This element provides a clear direction for your audience and helps to increase engagement and conversions. “Visit us on the web today!” “Tell your parents you want Lucky Charms.” “Book your trip to Barbados today!” 

What type of video do you want

When you’ve decided on your target audience and goals, deciding what type of commercial videos you want to create will become easier. There are many different types of videos you can make. One option is a product demonstration video, which can showcase how your product works and its unique features. Another approach is a testimonial or case study video, where customers share their positive experiences with your brand. You could also go for an explainer or training video, which helps explain complex ideas or processes in a user-friendly way. Or you can have fun, add a narrative or just get silly with it. Along those lines is a branded video, which is basically a promotional video disguised as an standard entertainment content video. All of these can be helpful for different goals. Whatever video type you decide to make, remember to speak directly to your target audience and keep it engaging and memorable.

Craft a compelling story for your video

A compelling story is essential for an engaging commercial. A good story should be the foundation of your commercial video production, capturing your audience’s attention, and keeping them hooked until the end. Consider how you can use creative visuals, sound, and storytelling techniques to bring your story to life. Also, ensure that your story aligns with your brand message, values, and audience preferences. The better the story, the more people will like it, share it and talk about your product.

Hire a professional video production team

Your story and scripted idea could be incredible and revolutionary but if it looks bad it will fall flat and reflect poorly on your business. To ensure a high-quality production, consider hiring a professional team. A skilled team will have a wealth of experience and knowledge required for a successful video production. Make sure to verify the team’s portfolio, client reviews, and communication style to ensure a good fit. Moreover, working with professionals will save you time and resources, enabling you to focus on your core business operations.

What goes into a commercial video production?

Video production for a commercial can be a daunting task, but with the right team and process in place, it can be a smooth and rewarding experience. 


This is the planning phase and can be even more important than the shooting phase of production. Laying the foundation for your commercial video shoot will make the process run smoothly. This part includes scripting, planning locations, scheduling, budgeting, hiring crew and talent and more. Take a look at this article to see what all goes into your pre-production phase.

Video Production Shoot

The time it takes to shoot your commercial can vary depending on a few different things like length of video and how many locations you need to work in. Setting up for your shots takes more time than the actual shooting of the scenes, so remember to be patient with the crew. If there are multiple angles or areas to shoot in, each set up will take time. It’s also very fun to see your creative ideas come to life!

Video Post-production 

The post-production phase is when everything gets put together with editing, color grading, animations, graphics and sound elements. This isn’t a quick process, so you should again be patient. Once the editor has a rough cut there are usually multiple rounds of notes and revisions until the final product is ready to be shown to the world!

Share and Promote Your Video Ads

Producing an excellent commercial video is only half the job. To maximize its impact, you need to distribute and promote it to your target audience. This could be through social media, email marketing, paid advertising, or other channels. Consider working with a marketing company to help you identify the best distribution and promotion channels for your video commercial.

Make sure to produce for different screens

In the era of mobile devices, it’s essential to optimize your videos for multiple devices. Ensure that your video is responsive to different screen sizes, resolutions, and file formats. This way, users can enjoy your video on any device at any time, increasing the chances of reaching a wider audience. You should let your production team and post-production team know at the beginning of the project what is needed and they will be able to make the adjustments for each digital platform. The specifications will be different for TikTok than it will be for Facebook or Youtube, for example.

Commercial Video Production Can Be a Great Advertisement Your Product and Services

Ultimately, your commercial should accurately reflect your company’s purpose and goals. With the right strategy, you can create an exciting and creative video that will effectively connect with your target audience. Finding a great advertising video production company to help with video services will ensure you reach the same end product – a well-completed video. BLARE Media is experienced in commercial video production and can design and create just what you’re looking for. From concept development to shooting and post-production, bringing in a skilled team of video professionals is ultimately the way to guarantee you receive a successful marketing piece for your company. Get in touch with BLARE Media today if you need help getting started on your next corporate or commercial video!