by | January 3, 2023 | San Diego, CA

The reality is that it is an important part of many video production business’ bottom line. It is the “bread and butter”, as we often call it, of most video production companies. Most San Diego corporate video production projects are based around talking heads, b-roll of a product or facility, and some sort of narration and corporate sounding music. And while that might sound a little dull, there is actually a whole new world of possibilities out there for ​corporate videos and as a video content producer. With the advent of sliders, brushless gimbals (think Steadicam but more versatile), aerial platforms, and motion control time-lapse rigs, there are actually a multitude of options out there for a director or cinematographer who wants to do more with his or her videos.

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Additional production services include Corporate Videos, Commercials, Music Videos, Testimonials, Documentaries, Aerial Videography, Live Streaming Events, Social Media Marketing Videos, Camera Crews, and much more.

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