McDonald’s Production Project

McDonald's Production Project - Corporate Video

By Blake Barnett

| Production News


McDonald’s Production Project

This past year one of our DP’s, Justin McAleece was able to participate in the production of a few dozen videos for McDonald’s. The final videos were featured on YouTube and answer such questions as “What are McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets made of?” and “What are McRib patties made of?”

It was quite a fun project to be a part of and Justin was fortunate to be able to shoot with some excellent DP’s known for their work on TV series’ such as “Parts Unknown” and “No Reservations.” He was able to travel all over the country to Idaho, Oklahoma, Michigan, Tennessee and California.

The projects were primarily shot with Sony F5 cameras in S-Log 2 mode. The production also utilized Canon 5Dmk3 cameras and GoPros.

If you haven’t seen the videos before check them out here: