New Canon 5Dmk3

Canon 5Dmk3

By Justin McAleece

| Equipment, Video Production


We are now the proud owners of a new Canon 5Dmk3 Full Frame DSLR. It’s a remarkable step up from the other Canon video DSLR’s for many reasons and provides many advantages that the 7D, 60D, 5DmkII, t3i etc cannot. Video is improved in the areas of moire, jello effect, dynamic range, resolution and compression. In fact, there is a new all I-Frame mode that eliminates much of the compression problems due to the IPB modes that were available until now. Audio capabilities and adjustments are definitely improved and the camera controls are also becoming much more uniform as well.

The small, compact form lends itself to incredible portability and versatility along with great sensitivity for night shooting. The full frame sensor also makes the camera capable of very shallow depth of field for increased creative options.

The 5DmkIII works well for close ups and can be intercut with our RED Epic for 1080p delivery. Overall, it’s a great addition to our arsenal and could very well be the perfect tool for your next video production project.