Phoenix Grip Van

by | November 19, 2018 | Equipment, Video Production

Phoenix Grip Van Rental and Crew Support

Blare Media is proud to announce that we’ve built a fully customized, versatile grip and electric van from the ground up and it is now available to all productions in the Phoenix and Tucson areas. Most people in production have a pretty good idea what comes with a standard grip van package. We also know that for most productions you might end up paying for gear that you’ll never use, such as some of the more esoteric grip hardware or old school tungsten, while at the same time having to pay a lot more for the HMI’s and LED’s that you do need. So we took the package that we love to shoot with and made it available for rental. It provides a good assortment of lighting for most corporate, marketing, or commercial shoots.

Many times when shooting in high-rise office scenarios where we’re looking out a window we need to use more punch than LED’s, tungsten, or fluorescent heads can provide. This is when a super bright 1200 HMI Par is your best friend. We have this paired with an electronic ballast and several 4×4 diffusion options. For this type of shooting a powerful HMI is not only preferable, it’s vital. Very few if any grip vans come preloaded with HMI, Kino, and LED heads included in the base price that meets or beats the price of the competition. We think this is a smarter, simpler, and more effective way to go. It saves you money, it’s saves us time spent loading and unloading, and it goes that extra distance to ensure your shoot goes off without a hitch.

Another way our Blare VersaVan is great is that we don’t charge for gels, gaff tape, or anything else that’s available on the van. In fact, we stock it with lots of extras like a powder & hairspray makeup kit, extra cables, and Duracell Quantum batteries for those unexpected situations when your wireless mic runs out of juice or you need some extra AAA’s for that remote that didn’t come with them.

As you can see, we’re offering a lot, so if you’re coming from out of town or just looking to really impress your client with a whole different level of production then the Blare VersaVan may just be the perfect solution.

Please contact our Phoenix office for additional rental information.