Camera Gear Accessories: Seven Jib Compact XL

Production Jib Review - Seven Jib Compact XL

By Blake Barnett

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Production Jib Review

Welcome to the Seven Jib Compact XL. You’re right when you assume by the title that it’s a Compact Jib, but what you probably don’t realize is that it’s a true piece of engineering greatness. This 33″ folded jib is compact, but it doesn’t sacrifice ease of assembly, function and usability. It goes together faster than just about any jib I’ve ever used, but still has the ability to be configured based on your needs and the situation.  This thing has strength…it’s more solid than your mom.

If you’re in a tight place, no problem, the counterbalance arm can be as short as you want. Or if you don’t want a lot of weight on the sticks, that’s fine too, just put on the counter balance extension and cut the needed weight in half. Now let’s say you want a really low shot, just invert the ball, throw on the underslung adaptor on the tripod head and mount the camera low. Yes, it’s that simple.

This jib uses a 100mm tripod head and standard heavy-duty camera sticks. It can support up to 60 lbs of camera. It has 6.5′ of lift and has 55″ of reach.  The best part is, it uses standard barbell weights for counterbalance, or an option bag that allows you to use whatever you want, whether it’s rocks, sand, or fat cats.

Now we get to the fancy stuff. We combine the Seven Jib Compact XL with our Kesler pan/tilt robotic head and we really have something to brag about. With this small of a jib, a robotic head isn’t needed, but it sure does help. Being able to control it all from the back of the jib is a pretty sweet thing. And let’s be honest here, it’s a true chick magnet. Seriously, ladies be all up on this when we’re out in the field. So fellas, next time you see us shooting with our Seven Jib Compact XL with Kesler Robotic head, you better be sure to distract your girlfriend, otherwise she’s going to be distracted by something else instead.