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Bolthouse Properties

It’s always great to work with Scope Studios and Jean-Luc Slagle to create dynamic videos for their clients. This particular project took some time because of the amount of aerial footage that we had to capture. The scope was large but so was the timeline to get all the elements needed. We employed several different lighting techniques, but one that we used quite often was what’s known as a “book light” setup. We used a Joker 800 into a 4’x8′ ultrabounce floppy and back through some diffusion. I believe it was LEE 250. This fun thing about that setup is when Ian McAleece the gaffer was called upon to make it have a small footprint and be highly portable, he was able to do it with only 2 stands and not much room.

For the aerial, we used the Inspire 2 drone from DJI and were able to capture some great map-like visuals. We also found that it was often easier to fly by map on the controller rather than by sight. This made it possible to do some very long flight paths and not get lost.

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$7,500 - $15,000


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