IMERYS Testimonial – Harpoon Brewery

Brewery Video Production

This is just one of the many client testimonial videos we have produced over the past few years. Our client IMERYS is a French multinational company, which specializes in the mining and processing of industrial minerals. Many of their industrial minerals are used in products we consume and use in everyday life. One of those items many of us consume is beer! Harpoon Brewery is one of their clients that utilizes their filtration minerals to make an already amazing tasting beer even better! Justin McAleece was the DP on this shoot and Jason Wada was in charge of the editing process. The entire crew had a blast since everyone at both Harpoon Brewery and IMERYS was a pleasure to work with! We hope that you can sit back, preferably with a Harpoon IPA in hand, and enjoy the creative cinematography that brought this production to life, Cheers!

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