Skills Every Video Content Creator Needs

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By Blake Barnett

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Skills Every Video Content Creator Needs

By: Giana Flynn

We’re in an age in which video content is king. According to recent studies, more than 500 million hours of video are watched on YouTube every day. Meanwhile, countless brands have found that videos can increase conversions by 86%. Given data points like these, it’s no wonder why there’s heightened demand for video content creators.

However, becoming a video creator takes more than just interest in the field and a camera. Budding filmmakers also need to have specific skills that can make their output effective and satisfying. For those who aim to be successful video content creators, here are some specific skills you should consider brushing up on:

Composition basics

What often sets professional video apart from amateur footage is how it’s composed. When you have the composition basics down, your video will seem more polished.

Aside from the more obviously necessary technical composition skills (like editing and shooting), it’s also critical to develop an understanding of how to light a scene. Thankfully, modern-day lighting is more accessible and flexible to use than ever before. Though your director of photography will likely take the lead with this kind of task (if in fact you’re working with one), understanding the capabilities of LED flat panels and programmable lights will help you to shape each scene. Plus, once you know how to light a scene and use the tools at your disposal, the treatments you can pursue expand significantly.

To learn more about technical skills, including lighting, you can pursue short classes and online resources as handy guides. Additionally, it’s important to remember that excelling at film composition takes experience –– so don’t hesitate to practice as well. In time you’ll only become more comfortable with this aspect of video creation, such that it becomes something close to second nature.

Creative ideation

Regardless of whether you’re executing your own vision or somebody else’s, being a video creator requires… well, creativity! Without it, your work will often end up looking forced, stiff, or unconvincing.

To achieve the best output, it’s a good idea to study up on more creative ideation skills, such as how to put storyboards together. Storyboards serve as references for the whole team, which is why they require legitimate artistic skill. The most adept at this are digital illustrators, who typically have backgrounds in digital media. During their training, artists in this space are taught design and motion graphics –– skills that help ensure that the final storyboard captures the core message you want to deliver in a way that can be conveyed to video form.

As a video content creator, though you may at some point have your own storyboard artist, you should still understand the basics so that you can step up if needed. Luckily, there are many short courses and online classes that can help you gain a better understanding of digital design and media. The more familiar you are with the craft, the more valuable your storyboard input can be.

Effective communications

There’s a reason why being an effective communicator is among the most in-demand soft skills for employers. When you’re able to communicate clearly, you’re able to speak, listen, and write in ways that benefit you and your team.

As a video creator, this skill is fundamental to keeping all the moving parts of production aligned. Without effective communication, you’re likely to create data silos and space for misinterpretation. Consequently, your production has a higher risk of costing more and taking longer to complete. Meanwhile, being a good communicator makes you more trustworthy among clients and investors alike. Sharing a clear understanding with these parties is integral for a smooth-sailing production.

Strategic marketing

Though your work will ideally speak for itself, it doesn’t hurt to give it a promotional push. Nowadays, the best way to market your work –– and by extension, your brand — is via social media. With more than three billion people active on social media, these platforms are some of the cheapest yet most powerful means by which to share your work. However, in order to leverage social media in your favor, you need to be strategic with your efforts.

Try to study the analytical abilities that many social media strategists have and mirror these. This effort will include studying what audiences want, what formats are best suited for each platform, and how to “hack” the algorithms. With these skills under your belt, you can be sure you’ll be able to make your work shareable and attractive across major platforms.

Becoming a video content creator is a challenging but promising career. With the right passion and skills, content creators who pursue this role can earn a sizable income, create a flourishing platform, and enjoy a creative outlet.