How To Use Video Production For Your Retail Business

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By Blake Barnett

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Videos are a versatile tool for your business. They let your customers explain why they love your products. They allow you to demonstrate how your items work. And they help you connect with your target audience.

Using video production is simple. Below I have explained how to use it for your retail business.

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Produce testimonial videos

Your customers value the opinions of their fellow customers. So much so that a recommendation from another shopper is powerful as one from a family friend. Producing a testimonial video is a persuasive way of marketing your retail business.

One company which excels at testimonials is Magic Flask. Their product is designed to improve the taste of cheap liquor – like a slow cooker for bourbon. You can find a review of it on Dude Living.

Magic Flask videoed its customers using the product. In a “fun little taste test,” drink fans use the flask in a way that’s believable and relatable. This is exactly how your retail business should produce your testimonial videos.

Check out the clip below and take notes:

Record a product demonstration

People like to try before they buy. Problem is that it’s difficult to do this if your retail business is online — that’s where a product demonstration video steps in.

This type of video content has stats to die for:

73% of people who watch a product video will buy the item
71% of your customers believe video is the best way of explaining product features
58% of retail fans trust brands who use product videos

Kick Ass Gadget is a knockout Californian retail brand. It sells tech products and does it well – making $227,894 in less than two months of trading. You can find more arresting stats by visiting Exchange.

Kick Ass Gadget is excellent at using product demonstration videos. The company walks and talks you through their features and benefits in a laidback video style. The guidance is snappy and informative – just how yours should be.

Watch an example below to see video production retail done by a pro:

Smart Home Camera 360° from Gadgets Catalog on Vimeo.

Make something hilarious

Laughter isn’t only the best medicine. It’s one of your most potent sales weapons.

Your customers love to laugh. It kills empty hours. It increases their serotonin levels, making them happier. And helps them to connect with people. You can create connections with your customers by producing a hilarious video.

Not convinced? This figure is no joke:

80% of college students remember ads which make them laugh

My favorite example of a hilarious video was made by Dollar Shave Club. The brand really understand their audience and what makes them laugh – sarcasm, cheek, and self-deprecation.

Co-founder Michael Dubin stars in the video below, giving a human connection between brand and audience. He walks the line between mocking himself/the brand, and selling the product’s benefits.

The result is you believe him when he says “our blades are f***ing great.”

Not convinced this is a tactic that works? It does. The company received 12,000 orders in two days after uploading their video:

Knowing how to use video production is vital. It endears you to your customers. Makes your business more trustworthy. And increases your sales. Now you know how go away and get at it!

Patrick Foster is a writer and ecommerce expert from Ecommerce Tips — a winning blog that’s filled with useful advice. If you’re in the retail business, you can’t miss out on its great tips. Check out the latest news on Twitter @myecommercetips.

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