What does a video production company do?

by | April 15, 2019 | Video Production

In essence, a video production company is an organization of experienced creative and technical professionals who apply a diverse range of skills to take your product, song, event or script from inception to a finished video. This is not always as simple as it sounds and often takes a number of highly trained individuals a certain amount of time to execute properly: But when it works, it can be magic.

3-Step Production Process



Or pre-pro, is the first phase and is where the video begins to take shape. By developing a script, and in some cases a storyboard, we create a road map containing the information necessary to produce the video. This is the phase when a number of important decisions are made, such as the production schedule, crew selection, shooting list, location options, casting choices, which props, wardrobe and picture vehicles will be needed. Basically anything which appears, as a noun in the script must be available on set in time for the shoot.


Is the second phase: All the hard work, which can often last weeks in preparation and planning, is put into action at this time. Production is when the recording of visual and audio elements takes place and is typically the shortest and most intense phase of the video production process.


Is the final phase: This is when all the various elements, footage, audio tracks, music scores, sound effects, animation, and graphics come together to form one cohesive piece. This is often a different team from the pre-pro and production crews. We depend on editors and audio engineers with in-depth knowledge of the editing and special effects process and technology to post the video. Post-production often takes just as long, if not longer, than the rest of the production process. It can also be quite costly if Computer Generate Imagery (CGI) is needed.

Following several rounds of revisions the client approves the video and the final product or “deliverables” are uploaded to the appropriate FTP servers, broadcast stations or websites as specified for delivery. The entire project and its elements are usually backed up for several years so that sometime down the line changes can be made to the video or the footage can be recycled for other uses.

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