Tips for Hiring a Reliable Video Production Company

By Blake Barnett

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How to Hire the Right Video Production Company

The practice of outsourcing video production has become very popular. In the past the question of “which company to outsource the data entry processes to” troubled many companies, but as of a few years ago, the same problem can be applied to videos as well. Video production encompasses numerous videography and video editing actions, ranging from capturing moving images and setting up the lighting to reducing the parts and creating combinations of videos.

Over the years, the video production sector has been growing steadily in the outsourcing market. In 2010, it generated almost $60 million, but in 2017, this sector aggregated $65 million in revenue. If you already outsource data entry, it will be easy for you to learn how to hire a reliable video production company, as similar rules apply.

How to Hire a Reliable Video Production Company
The following tips will help you make an informed decision when hiring a reliable video production business enterprise.

Partnership Before Collaboration
When you are creating a video for business purposes, it has to be aligned to your business goals and needs. While you understand this, not all video production companies do. This is why you should extend your research to discover the process of every video production company on your list.

Video production companies focusing on collaboration won’t be able to understand your vision or make videos that reflect it. Go with companies that extend their services as if they are your business partners.

Find an Agency that Offers Services for a Reasonable Price
This market is very lucrative. This is why you can see dozens of new video production companies emerging every day. This is precisely what happened in the data entry company landscape. To cut through the noise, these companies offer their services at ridiculously low prices. If you go for a second video, you will probably spend a lot of cash on having them redone by professionals.

The same applies to pricey video production companies. You don’t want to blow your entire budget on a video. If you’re wondering how to hire a video production company, the trick is to identify the companies offering mid-range prices. Make sure to ask each company representative about possible hidden costs – edits, music licensing, journey charges, and so on.

Does the Agency Take Your Target Audience into Account?
The purpose of a business video is to achieve specific goals. And this is where looking for video production differs from looking for simple tasks like data entry services. Whether you want to impress shareholders, business partners, attract more customers, or thank your loyal ones – your video has to convey the right message. This is why it is important to find the agency that takes your target audience into account. This includes their needs and preferences, along with your brand image.

The Importance of Video Enterprise Standards
Today the target audience has so many options in terms of the device they’ll see a video on. A video has to offer the same experience across all devices, including the low and high-resolution ones. On top of that, there are all sorts of regulations that have to be met. This is why you should make sure to check with the company if it follows the video standards and regulations that come with it. In the best case scenario, you will be able to discover a dependable outsourcing partner that offers both data entry services and video editing services.

Look for Professionalism and Understanding
To meet your requirements, a video production company about your company and your target audience. While some companies are excellent, it doesn’t mean that they offer exceptional services.

It is a good sign if the video editing company representative wants to learn a great deal about your businesses before jumping to work. You should also stick to this rule if you are looking to outsource the data entry process.

Tips for Better Video Production
Here are some tips that can turn video production into a streamlined activity.

Create a Storyboard and Shooting Script
To achieve results with a marketing video, you will have to plan it in great detail. This is where storyboard and shooting scripts come in handy. Creating a storyboard and making a shooting script will help you plan the shooting and make the most out of it.

Camera - Adopt the Rule of Thirds

Adopt the Rule of Thirds
The rule of thirds is the golden rule in photography. But it is easily transferable to video production as well. This composition technique will help you create balanced and more engaging videos. Split your shots into thirds both vertically and horizontally, and make sure to place the subject of your shoot off center.

Avoid Conflicts Between Natural and Artificial Light
The most common mistake in videography is capturing shots with uneven light. This happens if you use natural and artificial light sources with different color temperatures. You can avoid these conflicts by ensuring your primary light source is consistent and even. When shooting indoors, pick rooms without or the least amount of windows.

Shoot Multiple Takes
When creating a video, it is better to be safe than sorry. This is why you want to have as much material for video editing as possible. Having a single take to work with is very risky as it might be wrong. To avoid this, make sure to take multiple clips.

Choose Your Music Carefully
If you decide to add background music to your video, you have to ensure that music reflects what’s showing in the video. Royalty-free music is the safest choice, but if you choose any other music, pay attention to its licensing requirements.

Finding and hiring a reliable video editing company is as hard as finding a data entry company. There are many video editing enterprises in the fast-developing market. Your best option is to go with a company that has a long experience in this field and hundreds of happy clients behind it, such as VCD – a professional video production company.

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