Top 10 Tips to Keep in Mind When Producing a Corporate Video

by | August 18, 2016 | Video Production, Video Tips

Producing Corporate Video

Producing corporate videos is a means of driving revenue and telling stories that is still the backbone of many businesses worldwide. There is often the need to show new employees what they will be doing on the job, produce company profiles that have a mission statement and proposition or create a slick one-off video to highlight a new product or service. Broadcast and online commercials are two of the ways in which corporations convey their image to potential customers, and let them know about their services. Event documentation videos can give the viewer an exciting first-person view of a large trade show, or another informational conference. These are just a few of the ways in which companies can reach out to the world, but when you are creating content like this, there are plenty of mistakes you can make along the way.

This blog post is our way of providing a blueprint to use as guidance when the task of corporate video production finally lands on your desk. Don’t lose too much sleep or get too worried, as the finished product is going to ultimately be a great sales and marketing tool that could last at least a few years. Here are some tips that will help you navigate the task, and hopefully lead you to an ideal corporate video for your target audience and target messaging.

1. Consider Age-appropriate Content At All Times
Many companies who are generally successful, have made the mistake of thinking that someone in their mid 20’s is going to be their best spokesperson for cosmetic appeal. If you feel that your target market is 50 and up, don’t be afraid to have someone in that age group as the talent. In the long run, the customers in your demographic will see you as more legitimate, and knowledgeable.

2. Speed Limits Sign ahead: From Concept To Reality
Pre-production is the part of the process where abstract ideas and messages are turned into actionable scripts and plans. Be sure not to shortchange yourself when it comes to the time needed to fully flesh out an idea and ensure that it will be successful across all platforms. If you allow just a few extra brainstorming sessions for your concept to breathe, you will have a much better chance of getting to the finish line without have to utter the dreaded, “oh yeah, I never thought of that.”

3. The Crowded Marketplace Vs. Your Vision
Let’s face it, there are production companies everywhere. (Well, maybe not as many as that one huge coffee chain we all partake from!) It is essential to find the one that can best evoke your story, without being too heavy-handed or missing the point of what you’re really trying to say. Take the time to look for the video production company that will hone in on your product or service and tell the story with depth.

4. To Drone, or not to Drone?
Aerial photography has become more and more popular over the last few years: gadgets such as the DJI Phantom have stepped up the game with what can be accomplished with a viewpoint from above. But before you jump in right away and run to the launch-pad, just take an extra minute to think. Telling the story you have to share may very well include a vision from overhead, but taking the time to decide how to incorporate aerial footage in a new and exciting way can be the difference between just another overhead view and something that allows your video to truly shine.

5. Keep Close Tabs on the Measuring Cup of Info
This is a variable where you definitely need a professional to guide you through the process. Experts will know just what to pack in and what not to: when you are the producer of a good that you are eager to get in customer’s hands, your angle could simply have too much to follow. Over the past two decades, consumers have developed even shorter attention spans, and this is one of the elements that corporate video producers should never overlook. Knowing what to cut, what to keep and most importantly… maintaining focus… is what good editors and storytellers do best.

6. Looking beyond Moods with Music
It’s a fact that good music is critical to the success of a video, but there is a very delicate balance of volume, repetition editing, and equalization that will turn a great track into an even better storytelling device. Getting professional direction with music that supplements the video presentation instead of dominating the entire work is your desired effect.

7. Heed the Importance of Lighting
Megapixels and the latest in lenses don’t mean much if the lighting of your scene is poor. Good corporate lighting is not the hardest thing in the world to do, but a modicum of consistency and restraint is very important to the overall polish of a piece. Many amateurs think that technology alone will make their image look great, but any cinematographer will tell you that nothing will ever look good without good lighting. The human eye is able to selectively handle a large amount of contrast and distractions to focus in on a subject. This means that even though a bright window is behind your CEO, she might look fine to you while you’re standing in the room, but will look pretty dark and muddy to even the best camera. Choosing a company that has shown a long history of beautiful lighting in a variety of situations is a great way to ensure that your talent’s message comes across in a convincing and interesting manner.

8. The Need For Professional Audio
A well-known phrase in the industry is “sound is 70% of what you see.” Although this may not be an objectively provable thing, it does underscore the importance of a solid recording of anyone speaking on camera. From airplanes to tricky wardrobe to AC vents to loud clothing and jewelry, a professional audio mixer will be your best ally in getting great sounding audio in myriad scenarios. A company that uses multiple mics distributed to multiple discreet channels is only the first step in being able to walk away from the set with a “clean track.” Even if your presentation is for the web and not broadcast TV, a seasoned expert with a full kit is the best choice for audio for your story.

9. Put Extra Effort Into Not Being Dull
There are, a multitude of corporate videos out there for nearly every industry. There are probably even some competitors with videos in your particular space. Finding a way to create a video that shines out above the rest is vital. A solid video production company with gifted storytellers will be able to listen to your needs and create a custom solution that not only employs a vast array of ever-changing technologies but finds new avenues to get your message across in a unique way. “Leave them wanting more” is a common axiom and is never truer than in video work today. A great production company will be able to lead the way with a snappy, polished video that is engaging and memorable.

10. Keep The Company’s Image a Priority
Staying on brand is more important than ever, and a great video firm will have this as their number one goal. What is your product about, what are you about and most importantly, what is your whole company about? Asking these questions and identifying detailed answers is of utmost importance these days. Sometimes clients will see a trendy storytelling device being used or a song or palette that seems edgy and want to work it into the promotion of their product. It may work or it may not, but a solid production company with a strong pedigree in the business will be able to identify these trends and deliver a video that not only seems current but more importantly tells a story that is timeless… And when it comes to branding, what’s more, important than that?

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